t.A.T.u Perform “Not Gonna Get Us” at 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Sochi

tatusochiinstagramThe Forward thinking Russian synthpop duo t.A.T.u performed “Nas Ne Degonyat” at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Sochi, Russia yesterday.

As part of a signature pro-LGBTQ movement the duo has stood for since the beginning of their careers (which was originally brought to surface by controversially taking on the role of  lesbians), the two held hands and were seemingly ready to kiss at the end of the show, instead opting for a more friendly, but politically effective conclusion to the song that speaks for young lovers who run away to cut ties with those who don’t understand their love.

Sound interesting, Putin?

The performance is ironic due to Russian politics so outrageously against homosexuality that it’s debatable to hold public demonstrations in favor of gay rights, speak in defense of gay rights and distribute material related to gay rights, or to state that gay relationships are equal to heterosexual relationships. See Madonna, who was sued for breaking a law that was passed in 2013 aiming to “ban promoting homosexuality to minors.” Eventually, the allegations were thrown out of court.

The performance continues to be ripped from video uploading services, so please continue to post links in the comments section of this article to keep it alive. The most updated link seems to come from Rutube.

“Nas Ne Dagonyat” was also an international hit in the English speaking world under a translated re-working of the song called “Not Gonna Get Us.”

The song was later mashed up with Queen’s “We Will Rock You” during the ceremony.

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