We’ve Finally Calmed Down Enough to Talk About the New Iamamiwhoami – “Fountain”

iamamiwhoami;_fountainTrust me, for the last four days there’s been nothing in this room but fountains of audiowaves bouncing off the walls.

Ambition gets expensive, no matter how satisfying it is for artists to create and recipients to enjoy. Because of this, iamamiwhoami have ripped page from the How to be Amanda Palmer Diaries with a titled Generate concept [here] being broadcasted on their official website. Essentially a donate page, all funds are sworn to go towards future creative projects, with the possibility of communication between donators being reciprocated back. (Sidenote: Donations are nothing new. Art is an extremely rewarding hardship. It’s right under your nose).

Thankfully, the duo has found strength in their artistry and so January 21st brought new light into the iamamiwhoami world with an enigmatic introduction called “Fountain,” which is assumed to be the catalyst in regards to a follow up from 2012’s kin and 2013’s physical bounty release.

The song itself is a freeing, self-proclamation of persevering against the odds, a sort of uplifting conviction of self-love and human experience. “Fountain” speaks straight into the mindset of Iamamiwhoami right now, as the Generate and continuation of the group is obviously an expensive investment, but a project so gratifying and worthwhile that the brawl to keep it alive seems worth it. “When all has gone to blazes, I start to run,” Jonna laments, “until I find places where nobodies gone.” Of course, “Fountain” has a surface level of overall triumph, but layers are what we’ve come to love about this Swedish duo, and layers are what we’re continuing to see not only lyrically, but visually and sonically as well.

The video pays homage to the black and white contrast, while further expanding the idea by displaying several transparencies throughout the feature. The first and most apparent example of this concept showing itself mere seconds into it; a fish in its square bowl. Working more subtly in showing progression, Jonna Lee’s plastic outfit carries on and is free from the “b” music video and creatively uses the song’s water based premise as an overall transparent image to bring together this era’s aesthetic experience, thus far. The black box has been burned, shootupthestation [recap] has been burned, this is a new foundation. Epic, relying on breathtaking wide angle scenic shots in accompaniment to the quirky dances Lee has adoringly incorporated into her performances, the apparent WAVE [info] directed visualization stems unique viewpoints and signature maintains of the folklore we’ve experienced through the iamamiwhoami project since the beginning.

What describes the sonics as a whole is nothing short of majestic, otherworldly, resplendent, and marvelous. Claes Bjorklund’s craft of synth love and long reverb techniques shine the spark so brightly on the mark that through arpeggiated melodies, swirling pads, and stereo oriented hi-hat manipulations, the overall musical painting flourishes auditory envisions of fountains, waterfalls, and soaked emotion more elegantly than one could ever sculpt.

“Though my body’s aching, we have to push on” and to that we say welcome back, Iamamiwhoami. Nice to see you surging forward.

“Fountain” is available straight from the towhomitmayconcern.cc website in lossless and MP3 formats, as well as iTunes. Doesn’t look to be streaming anywhere beyond YouTube.

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