Infrasound: Pittsburgh Native Band Lovebettie are Finalists to Perform at 2014 Grammy Award Celebration

Lovebettie 2020kThis year, the Grammy’s are switching it up and allowing viewers to pick and choose who they’d like to see win a spot at performing during their celebrations. Currently, there are 40 finalists and four days to vote. The winners get a spot at the Los Angeles Club Nokia for the GRAMMY Gig of a Lifetime Concert and also open for The Neighbourhood.

Amongst the few are the critically acclaimed and local Pittsburgh swagger rock band Lovebettie.  A mixture of authentic rock, accessibly smart melodies, and a hell of a bunch of talented folks make up this band and while the area has watched them rise and continue their artistic growth for years, it’s absolutely wonderful to see them attain this level of height.

Just for name dropping purposes, Jim Wirt (Incubus, Fiona Apple, Hoobastank, Trapt) has produced the band since their 2001 debut.

Lovebettie have a tiny piece of my heart as they run into my lives constantly without any member of the band knowing.

+At my first internship in Turtle Creek, PA, a member of the band came into the studio for something I can’t remember. While on a date in Latrobe, PA, a member of the band was employed at the restaurant we went to. “Do you know who that is?” exclaimed the boy before he informed me.

+At my first job after graduating from CRAS in Arizona, free CDs were dropped off for us to give away and while working at another customer service job (the one that refuses to sell Frank Ocean or Beyonce records….I digress) when the lead singer of the band would come in and a less seasoned co-worker would comment slyly to myself or someone else about her insanely awesome hair in a less than courteous fashion, someone was always quick to say “shut up, do you even know who that is?” Ah, the suburbs.

But enough with my boring back story and love for them…stop reading this blog (temporarily, of course) and vote here. While you’re at it, check out some tunes at and like them on Facebook.

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