Cults Release Sophomore Album Entitled “Static” & “High Road” Music Video

Cults Static
by Cults has been released to the public!

There’s still an NPR stream of the album up over here.

To celebrate and start the promotional train for their sophomore release, the duo created a music video to go along with the dazzlingly-honest “High Road”. It’s quite the psychedelic car ride, complete with a goosebump-worthy free fall segment at the minimal break in the song.

2020k recommends the vinyl, as their self-titled debut sounds immaculate and clear on wax. Why Go Outside with your Nokia Lumia* when you can listen to Cults instead?

Click here to see our excitement for “High Road” and here to read our review on Cults’ opening set at a Passion Pit show in Pittsburgh, PA.

*I was not paid to type this, I just love screaming “EEEEEYIEYIYEIIYEI I really wanna goooooo out” when this commercial comes on the televsion…cause I know what’s good.

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2 Responses to Cults Release Sophomore Album Entitled “Static” & “High Road” Music Video

  1. Ross CMR says:

    Some great insight into the band in this interview:

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