An Odd MGMT Performs “Your Life is a Lie” on David Letterman

MGMT Life is a LieSure, the oversized cowbell is a bit gimmicky, but MGMT’s performance of “Your Life is a Lie” on The Late Show With David Letterman on August 23rd has caught itself in the midst of a critic firestorm from critics and fans alike for being unsatisfactory.

Seemingly disinterested, Andrew VanWyngarden battles his way over the almost two minute performance of the song, which is a lethargic track in self-realization of, well, one’s life being a lie. The mannerisms throughout the band, the lacking drive of the song, and overall stagnant performance kind of, in an ironic way, demonstrates the lead single off their upcoming self titled release in its mundane lyrical reality.

It’s nothing spectacular, could easily be mistaken for phlegm amongst the guts of artistic integrity, but at least it sounds good? It’s not that horrible.

Or is it? Feel free to share your thoughts!

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1 Response to An Odd MGMT Performs “Your Life is a Lie” on David Letterman

  1. Bos sratings says:

    It shows the old management planning , how they worked.

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