Nine Inch Nails Get Confusingly Pleasant on “Everything”

Nine Inch Nails Everything
Earlier today, a BBC Radio 1 Zane Lowe premiere of a new Nine Inch Nails song off the upcoming Hesitation Marks record was released onto the internet following an audio rip. “Everything” is not anything as imagined, leaving a different mark of hesitation – one hesitant to comprehend it.

It’s an interesting turn in sonics for Trent Reznor in that it follows an extremely pop-rock vibe of optimism and love. It’s a sunny track and one of the only ounces of pure happiness throughout the huge, moody brooding that we’ve seen since 1989’s Pretty Hate Machine. Ironically, the debut record from this collective remains disputably as one of the more pop findings out of the industrial scene, so in a sense “Everything” falls in line under the surface of their expansive vision.

As far as what it sounds like, it’s a little bit of what the Smashing Pumpkins would have done if they’d stayed in the direction of “1979” from their epic double record Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, but with the minimalism of early The Strokes records and prolific-rocked out vibes from late U2 releases.

It’s cute – which is something you’d never think to associate with the Nails, would you? Melodic , eigth-note guitars florish against drum machine beats and quickly delayed Trent vocals. And there’s a lovely section toward the two and a half minute mark in which Reznor’s delayed and stuttered vocals create a stereo effect.

“I am home, I am free” Reznor sings as if releasing a weight from his shoulders, but he’s so far from it at the same time. “Everything” is a pleasant shot misfired in the direction of mainstream obscurity. Well done at confusing the entire world – proving with this song that Nine Inch Nails certainly haven’t tried everything yet.

In fact, for the first time, it actually sounds like nothing can stop Trent now.

Stream the song over at NPR now and temporarily below! Then grab a pre-order of Hesitation Marks over at to receive instant downloads of “Everything”, “Came Back haunted”, and the glorious “Copy of A”.

What do you think of this new turn in events for Nine Inch Nails?

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2 Responses to Nine Inch Nails Get Confusingly Pleasant on “Everything”

  1. Reece says:

    I like the track, I have a feeling it will be great in context with the album.

    Psst… You should send me ‘Copy Of A’ in .wav format as my card was declined my

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