M.I.A. Brings the Noize and Announces Fourth Album “Matangi”

MIA Bring the Noize

The always confrontational, widely eclectic, and fiercely aggressive M.I.A. has laid low since her appearance at 2012’s Superbowl alongside MadonnaNicki MinajLMFAO, and Cee-Lo. Whether it was a business move to divert the obscure attention gained for flashing the middle finger during the performance, or a creative/personal decision, the artist is back with a track called “Bring the Noize” which is the kickoff toward her fourth record, Matangi.

The Switch and Surkin production pays tribute to the Public Enemy track of the same name and is sonically difficult on the ears, in the best way possible, with the repetitive vocal chops and loops twinkling back toward the Rocky sample inside of “Bucky Done Gun” from her debut release, Arular.

“Bring the noize when you run upon them” Maya forcefully calls along the hook. For the most part, beyond the long, hall reverberated ending of the track, this single packs a hard punch, and we’re loving all of the stutters, delays, and stereo reverberations, some of which recall Aphex Twin’s signature “Bucephalus Bouncing Ball” from the Come to Daddy EP.

Rap-Up.com contains this quote from Arulpragasm, which is a bit disheartening to read. “I’ve given up at this point,” she said of the oft-delayed project. “I was literally just kinda gonna start making records and putting them out from the bedroom straight on the Internet. This is my last stab at it.” Okayplayer.com also notes that this track leaked early due to a mix up with the New Zealand iTunes release, which released the track earlier today.

Regardless of how they’re released, we’re excited to hear something new from M.I.A. and cannot wait for the future. The video will premiere June 21st on Noisey.com, with performances following, and the record due out in the fall.

For even more information on what we could possibly see on the upcoming Matangi record, see Matangimixtape.com. We’re certainly thankful for her power. Check out “Bring the Noize” below.

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