“Try Me Anyway/Fever” EP by Telepopmusik Due Out on June 24th!

Telepopmusik Try Me Anyway FeverIt’s been far too long since Telepopmusik has blessed us with an immaculate electronic release. In fact, it’s been eight years since the release of their soft-downtempo inspired sophomore record Angel Milk and while the single Ghost Girl in 2009 offered hope, let’s face it – it was just one song, then darkness again. Hardly enough to tie us over, considering their small discography. However, after years of teasing on their official Facebook page, we finally have something new coming out: Try Me Anyway/Fever.

Finally, we can all breathe easy…

What’s known about this release isn’t much. “Try Me Anyway” was teased as a 40 second trailer back in 2011 [click for our coverage] and features vocalist Sylvia Black, but it’s all that we’ve had ever since. Apparently, Betty Black is the moniker this vocalist goes by now and remixes for both of these songs will also be on the project!

Another track “The World Can Be Yours” [link], originally released on an Airbus compilation, has been confirmed for an upcoming album by the boys, but news on a full release has yet to surface.

The release, according to this Soundcloud page that teases a Dirty Channels Remix of “Try Me Anyway,” will be put out on Splendid Records. Check it out! The bulk of the lyrics can be heard over on this preview. She ain’t got nothin’ on me….

Zombie Disco Squad, Populette, and Pit Spector also provided remixes for the project. Alex Gopher mixed the project.

For now, what we have are two Youtube teasers. One for each song. Welcome back, Telepopmusik!

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