Crystal Castles Release “Affection” Music Video & “Sad Eyes” Remixes

Crystal Castles Affection Video

On Friday, Crystal Castles unveiled a music video for “Affection” from their third record, appropriately titled (III). 

Inside the two and a half minute track, we see backward fireworks, live looking shots, experimental VHS play, and a whole lot of Ethan and Alice. While it doesn’t hold the terror in which the “Plague” video viciously unleashed with it’s play on the footage from the 1981 Andrzej Zulawski film Possession, it’s a simplified piece that blissfully focuses on the duo behind the project.

Along with the video, two “Sad Eyes” remixes have been uploaded and made available for free download over at the official Crystal Castles Soundcloud page. Invisibles and Huoratron take their stab on the acclaimed song off the record. Click here to stream & download.

2020k will be attending the Crystal Castles concert at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh, PA on 5/9. Can you say ecstatic?! Check back here for a review of the show. For now, the review of (III) went live right after the record’s release. You can read it here.

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