#2020kGiveaway Featuring Iamamiwhoami Vinyl, Photek, Infrasound Favorites, and More!

Iamamiwhoami Kin 2


2020k has been hinting at and gearing up for a massive contest in affiliation with OTMblog.com for months and now it’s finally here! Following the Canadian Music Week giveaways in March, we’re celebrating our favorite artists and independent coverage with a second giveaway for readers and fans alike.

As a matter of fact, there are two great packages to give away!

+A VINYL copy of Kin by Iamamiwhoami [Review]
+Rarities Collection Cassette by Lo-Fi by Default (Only 3 copies ever manufactured!)
+Now That’s What I Call Seapunk misprinted cassette artwork by Lo-Fi by Default
+Hand drawn Lo-Fi by Default artwork, drawn on blank cassette label
+KU PALM CD by Photek
+Shakkei Remixed CD by Origamibiro [Review]
+Freezing Thoughts Creates Stability CD by Wet Eyes [Infrasound]
+Air is Movement CD by Wet Eyes
+A limited edition art hand drawn art print by Wet Eyes
+Limited Edition first edition physical CD copy 2020k EP by 2020k [Info]

+KU PALM CD by Photek
+Ego by Benign & Roy Hessels [info]
+Air is Movement CD by Wet Eyes
+Freezing Thoughts Creates Stability CD by Wet Eyes
+Shakkei Remixed by Origamibiro
+Hectic Zeniths by Hectic Zeniths [info]
+2020k EP CD by 2020k

Rascals? I heard you scream. Photek fans? You’d sleep walk to win a copy of this CD, wouldn’t you? Independent music supporters, Vaporwave enthusiasts, and 2020k fans? As much as I’d want to hoard this all for myself, I’m giving it all away to two lucky winners! Hold on to your laptops and smart phones, CAUSE HERE’S HOW TO ENTER:

First way to win: You must follow 2020k on Facebook. This automatically enters you! After you’ve followed, any time an article is affiliated with the phrase “2020k Giveaway article!” like or share the article (this one included). For every like or share you’ll receive one additional entry.

Second way to win: Follow @Twenty20k on Twitter. Throughout the contest, there will be articles on Twitter with the hashtag #2020kgiveaway. After you’ve followed the Twenty20k account, any time you retweet an article with this respective hashtag, you’re entered to win. You can easily increase your chances of winning this way by retweeting multiple articles! (If you’re not following, your retweet will not be counted). You can start by RETWEETING THIS VERY ARTICLE WITH THE HASHTAG!

Third way to win: Send an email to cras.rkozain@gmail.com with the subject line “2020k Giveaway Entry!” and let us know your name and favorite artist involved with this giveaway. A few more lines wouldn’t hurt either. 😉 One entry per email allowed.

You’re able to enter in all three ways and encouraged to do so. Following the Twitter account also makes you eligible for some bonus prizes, including goodies from Garbage and Pearl Jam that will be given away specifically through Twitter during the contest’s duration! Oh, and Esthero, Res, and Doc McKinney fans? Haven’t forgot about you, there’s more goodies where this came from! Stay tuned and start entering!

Deadline for entries: May 5th, 2013

EDIT #1: The track listing for the Lo-Fi by Default rarities cassette has just been released. Remember, only three of these cassettes exist!

Side A
Barlow – In the Air
Armitage Hunks – Drinking with Ametuers
Chinese Radiation – Station
Armitage Hunks – Triple crown of suck
Crystal Surge – VHS is Killing Me
Kamas – Body Integration Loop

Side B
Starnoise – Intro
Kinesthetiac – Count Miny Candy
Jargun – Sick Of
Usmo- Sea Fog
Spoonty – Is There Anyone About

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