Infrasound: Mrmilkcarton – The Words EP

Mrmilkcarton The Words EP

Boston, Massachusetts based Nick Tomassetti is a graduate of the prestegious Berklee College of Music, originally from California, who’s teamed up with the Adrenalin Room record label to release his first progressive trance influenced Dance EP called The Words. This release under the moniker Mrmilkcarton presents three exhilarating tracks that embody the Dance genre of the late 90’s and early 2000’s; an exciting time where the use of melody over a driven beat could captivate the dance floor with its simplicity and pride itself on critical praise as the new genre was morphing its way though underground releases and single remixes.

To start, the mixing on Mrmilkcarton’s The Words EP is exquisite. While heavy hitters and contemporary EDM musicians today strive for a balls-to-the-wall, no headroom, all or nothing amount of aggressive force to their mixes, The Words strives for an open air approach. The percussion section is classic, looking for four to the floor inspiration while immense focus on pumping kick drums, strong snare and hi-hat helpings all equally contribute to the sonic whole.

First up, is “Words,” fading in stereo delayed synth lead sections and a bassline which ultilizes a cutoff that works its way slowly through automation to bring itself toward it’s full frequency range is just the beginnings of the opening tease. Afteward, there’s a slight stutter and shut down, then it’s an all out hopping dance frenzy filled with straightforward fun. Wonderfully reverberated, emotionally driven pads made out of the human voice find their way bouncing in and out of chord changes and are complimented by an unexpected piano that slows the opener down. All this is happening while even more impressive vocal layers, time stretched stacks to be exact, find their way delayed and lamenting. What the manipulated moans and croons are expressing we don’t currently know as there’s no actual vernacular to the tune, but enough compositional movement and abrupt pauses guide the ear through a journey to powerfully demonstrate an accurate portrayal of actions ironically speaking louder and much more proudly than words.

“Lift” keeps in tact the classic vibe of dance music by beginning with lush and full synthesized string arrangements. These strings hold heavy focus on mid-frequencies so that by the time the filtered out kick and snare begin smoothing their way from the depths of the mix, they make a nice fade in toward the forefront with ease. This is Mrmilkcarton’s most noteworthy track of the trio, as most Electronic musicians seem to be straying away from the uplifting string arrangements in turn for more groundbreaking and programmed sounds. “Lift” recalls a much simpler time. With a hint of C-Minor mourning, it’s quite empathetic as well.

The ending song of The Words is proof that Mrmilkcarton is an artist who should strongly be recognized within the independent dance artist world. “Opaque” recalls meaty Junior Jack influences in it’s choice of composition and repetitious melody lines, but is more current and shows cohesion by using the bassline and piano-esque whole notes that . Inspired by an experience with a girl that didn’t accurately express her feelings, “Opaque” rightfully earns its name. It also contains the only lyrics on the entire, Extended Play: “You never made it clear to me.”


The Words EP is not for the lactose intolerant, but it’s clear they’re drinking Mrmilkcarton’s debut just as much as we are. It’s a promising Late 2012/Early 2013 independent release that’s sure to accessibly work the dance floor and leave you surprisingly speechless because of it’s pristine focus and uplifting moods.

Like the stream? The Words EP by Mrmilkcarton rounded out the year by being exclusively at on December 28th, 2012. Snag your copy here and follow the artist on Facebook while you’re at it.

Want more? 2020k will be sure to be reporting more, so be sure to follow the 2020k account on Twitter, but for now head on over to Milky’s Soundcloud for additional tracks.

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