It’s The End Of The World & We’re Still Waiting For a Boards of Canada Album

Boards of CanadaWell ROYGBIV, guys, there’s good news and bad news. The obvious good news is that we’ve all survived the apocalypse! But, are you ready for the bad news because I don’t think you’re going to want to hear it (even though you’ve already read it in the subject of this article).

Well, since you’ve chosen to continue reading, 2020k will get right down to the harsh reality: The bad news is that the theories were wrong and we’re still waiting on a new Boards of Canada album.

Early 2012 brought hopeful news by Peter Serafinowicz from BBC Radio 6 which mentioned a possible double record from the Sandisons. But, in the end Warp Records responded that they knew nothing outside of “they are definitely working on new material.” Then, to add more vague fuel to the anticipated fire, the official Boards of Canada Facebook page responded “yes” to a fan asking if the rumors of a new album are true. Beyond this, a few appreciated comments from Hexagon Sun representative MDG, and small updates to the duo’s Twitter and Youtube page, it’s been radio static.

The last widely spread rumor was that the new record would fall on the incorrectly reported end to the Mayan Calendar: 12/21/2012. But, we don’t see a new record. Do you?

It’s not like we had much to go off of, so we shouldn’t be too let down.

Currently, there’s a 268 page thread on Boards of Canada fan message board that chronicles all aspects of new album speculation and wildlife anaysis. From season solstice to symmetric-calendar date releases and surprise release dates, it’s all been thought up and it’s all started because of a strange black box that appeared on the discography back of the band’s website.

What’s interesting about the Twoism thread and social media outlets elsewhere is the amount of love and optimistic support the two musicians receive throughout the confusing wait. Sure, there may be a few dozen comments that immaturely focus on the selfish need of a fan’s want for a new record that fogs the focus of substance, but at the core there is extreme dedication and loyalty. It’s an enthusiasm that anyone on the receiving end would look to with matching admirability.

5,000 replies and and more than 400,000 views later there is no definitive answer in regards to a new record. But, whether it be back catalog vinyl re-issues, re-mixed & remastered early material, or continued vocal approaches by Solange, there’s a healthy feeling of wait while Boards of Canada’s modest discography remains on heavy rotation from individuals who respect and enjoy Michael and Marcus Sandison’s artistry. 

Take your time, boys. We’ll all await for the next chapter. From One Source All Things Depend and the day will come when new Boards of Canada material will be released.

Then, when that day comes, we’ll all come together and recite one simple sigh of relief: orange.

Yeahh, that’s right..

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