Sia Sings “Diamonds” by Rihanna At The Norwegian-American Achievement Award Ceremony

It’s absolutely no secret that the Rihanna success “Diamond” was penned by Sia. From the vocal phrasing, to the emotional and melodic structure, it screams something that the songstress would use segments for for a song of her own. We’ve touched upon how similar the end Rihanna result sounds like Sia in our review of Lotus (click here) and now we have her prestigious rendition of the song!

“Diamonds” is a live performance given by Sia at The Norwiegan-American Achievement Award Ceremony on November 28th, 2012 (this is all pending information received by the original YouTube upload). While the Rihanna version is certainly a wonderful version of the track in its own right, we’re happy to hear the original songwriter and singer breathe a different life into it. An incredible talent and one deserving of all of the opportunities that come her way.

Bravo, Sia!

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