Robert “3D” Del Naja From Massive Attack Announces Battle Box Project With Guy Garvey

Battle Box

We really have no idea what this is, but we pre-ordered it because we’re still salty about the Massive Attack vs Burial Paradise Circus/Four Walls vinyl not being released digitally in 2011. Also, it’s Robert Del Naja and from what we can tell the new project, it features vocals by Guy Garvey (who collaborated with Massive on “Flat of the Blade” on Heligoland) “from Elbow and is going to be aesthetically interesting.

Simply titled Battle Box 001, The Vinyl Factory is describing the release as “bass-heavy electronic masterstroke reminiscent of Massive Attack at their most sonically adventurous.” This is literally all we know, but judging from it, it sounds like we’re going to get some awesome 100th Window vibes!

The Battle Box project will be released on 180-gram heavyweight white vinyl and the first 30 pre-orders will receive ndividual sleeves made by 3D – 15 drawn in Biro, 15 with Paint Pen, all signed. The first 30 have since sold out.

For more information on this, please visit The Vinyl Factory page and blindly pre-order it like we did. The worst that could happen is it’s “Light My Fire (Live)” from the Protection album on repeat, so what are you waiting for? Click here and see what it’s about!

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3 Responses to Robert “3D” Del Naja From Massive Attack Announces Battle Box Project With Guy Garvey

  1. Reblogged this on jonathan_chater and commented:
    Del Naja played Battle Box 001 on Massive Attacks recent 6mix, and it sounded really excellent. Dark, propulsive beats contrasted with Guy Garvey’s ethereal dream-like vocals. Could well have been the remix version that I heard in the mix, only time will tell.

  2. Hey there. There were 30 copies of the Battle Box 12″ with a hand drawn cover by 3D himself. I’m auctioning my copy with all the proceeds going to Save The Children. If you’d like to own a super rare Massive Attack item and feel good about yourself at Christmas then this is your chance – – thanks!

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