Part one out of a two part Artist on Artist interview. Ross Auger of Wet Eyes interviews myself. Our interview with Wet Eyes will be posted in the near future. Enjoy the reading and support the 2020k EP over at!


Earlier this summer I received a message in my SoundCloud inbox. The samples I had used for a song had been pin pointed to the source of where I got them accompanied by a nod of approval through text. This continued into a conversation of mutual appreciation for Alfred Hitchcock and the back stories of live performances. Now at least once a week, my personal inbox tells me I have an unread message from RJ. With how long winded our emails become, I figured why not ask some more “serious” questions and share what Wet Eyes and 2020k might ask each other. Here is side one of the two sided interview.

Q: You and whose army?

Me and this army! (holds up fist, laughing) Actually, I’m answering these questions in my underwear, so I really don’t have an army right now. Is this the proper way to answer…

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