Solange Returns After 4 Year Break With “Losing You”

Solange Losing youWhile we’ve gotten “Flavors,” “Under Construction,” and the Boards of Canada infused “Left Side Drive,” (read our review and catch up if you haven’t heard it) it’s been four years since Solange Knowles’ proper album Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams was released. Now? She’s back and evolving the sound crafted on the 2008 release with a new song called “Losing you”.

Armed with a beautifully shot video by director Melina Matsoukas (who also directed “I Decided” and the latest confessional Christina Aguilera video), “Losing You” continues Knowles’ exploration in combining hard hitting, easily accessible and emotional lyrics with Electronic experimentation while staying true to rhythmic R&B roots.

And how lovely is the song’s content? The groove is absolutely everything! Reverberated claps carry on the track’s subdued vibe, every portion of the song has it’s own equalized niche to thrive into and we’re not sure where the yelping on the right channel is sampled (if from anywhere) but it subtly drives the track and enhances it in the sort of way that the female sample in Junior M.A.F.I.A.‘s “Player’s Anthem” remains a classic staple in the genre of Hip-Hop in general.

Lyrically, it’s hypnotic with just a few phrases within the verse changing and altering while Solange’s perception of a confused love transpires. “I knew you waiting for the rest that you can’t get from me. Just chew me good and baby i’ll give you the rest of me” she confesses in the first verse, before transitioning toward a lament “There’s something I know you taking it away from me. I gave you everything and now there’s nothing left for me.”

Regardless, each verse ends with the confrontational and heartbroken line “I’m not the one that you should be making your enemy” which segues into the questionable chorus, asking a lover if she’s losing him for good.

One thing’s for sure, Solange is definitely not losing us any time soon.

Purchase “Losing You” & it’s B-side “Sleep in the Park” over at iTunes

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