Flying Lotus and Erykah Badu Collaboration “See Thru To U” Finally Surfaces!

Flying Lotus Until the Quiet ComesIn every single article written about Erykah Badu, we’ve mentioned the eager anticipation of the collaboration she’s done with Warp Records’ Flying Lotus. A month ago, the first of a few tracks the two apparently worked on, called “See Thru To U” has been released! It’s a short track, but a great one nonetheless and it will appear on Lotus’ upcoming Until The Quiet Comes, which is due out October 2nd.

“See Thru To U” is organized chaos presented in the best way possible. A lot of intricately placed symbol and hat instrumentation pave the way for a rushed, darkly played out rhythmic section, while bass and guitar compositions carry the bulk of the melodic structure.

Badu’s vocals take the track to an even jazzier platform and, heavily treated in the mixing process, they swirl and guide the track down tripped out avenues. “I know, let it go. I can’t make it grow.” she laments before exploding into a frenzy of “bom, bom, bom, bom” adlibs. Sounds just like something that would fit within the track listing of her Nu Amerykah series, while maintaining the fresh experimentation Flying Lotus is known for. An ace track!

Rumors of the two working on songs for Erykah’s project have also been abundant over the last year or so, but who knows if they’ll see the light of day. We’re certainly crossing our fingers and toes. We want these two collaborators to grow..

Along with this release, we’ve received snippets of every track off of the album and a great three minute long video, which you can see via Vimeo in promotion for the project.

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