Beach House Perform “Wild” & “Wishes” on Jimmy Fallon

Beach House paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon in support of their latest release Bloom to give two performances. The televised “Wild” and web exclusive “Wishes”.

Every promotional performance given by the duo has been next to flawless and Victoria Legrand’s vocals are some of the most euphoric and strong that the dream pop scene has witnessed.

Apologies that 2020k has not reviewed Bloom and thank you for understanding. However, in short, Beach House crafted some of the most wonderful soundscapes and sonics on the record and has been inconstant rotation since it’s release. The fact that the duo uses those little dinky samples we’ve all heard on cheap keyboards and incorporates them into their tracks is insanely creative. The album artwork, which featured a raised surface and great insides, also offers up something special. Key tracks: the entire album, but specifically “Myth,” “Other People,” “Troublemaker”

Watch “Wild”
Watch “Wishes”

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