Alaska In Winter Debuts Nietzsche & Tiesto inspired “You Will Be Alone”

Alaska In Winter

Brandon Bethancourt, better known as unsigned Electronic artist  Alaska In Winter has done some pretty cool things. His 2010 record Space Eagle (The Motion Picture Soundtrack) was released on iTunes, but also as a cassette limited 100 pressings which contained three extra tracks. He’s also been brutally honest to his fans about his personal life in  regards to choosing a daunting career in music (which is a read that every musician and listener should be required to view), and has come back into our lives with a new track and download called “You Will Be Alone”.

In his own words, the song is “a loose interpretive cover song based on the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche and something having to do with a Tiesto featuring Nelly Furtado track”. The obvious references of God being dead are present and they combine effortlessly with a semi-borrowed melodic incorporation of “Who Wants To Be Alone” by the world’s most sought after progressive trance DJ and eclectic pop superstar.

It’s mainly a piano based instrument, with nice, minimal percussion and bass elements. The most impressive aspect of the Alaska tune is it’s ability to take these elements and make a simplistic whole out of them that sounds like desolate euphoria, if such a thing could exist. Subtle vocal layers complete with reverberation complete the dreamy landscape.

Have a listen to “You Will Be Alone” below and snag a download of the track off Alaska In Winter’s official Soundcloud!

It’s a nice warped combination of controversial philosophy, four to the floor dance crossover tunes, and downtempo textures don’t you think?

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