Track Review/Video: Nelly Furtado – Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)

It’s technically been six years since Nelly Furtado’s unique voice delivered an album that stormed mainstream United States. Sure, there was 2009’s spanish debut Mi Plan and a greatest hits record released in 2010, but it was the 2006 third record Loose from the Portuguese songbird that really had our veins pumping with energetic vibes. It was an interesting time for Furtado in that she seemed to take a large departure from the folk-pop sounds of her first two records for a Timbaland inspired dance-pop sound. However, it was unsurprising, considering her collaborations with Missy Elliott on the “Get Ur Freak On (Remix)” [Youtube] and Timbaland’s remix of “Turn Off The Light (Featuring Ms. Jade)” [Youtube].

Never mind the genre that Nelly’s hopping into because the unique voice and songwriting aspect has always remained stagnant. With a record due out June 19th, 2012 called The Spirit Indestructible, it’s no doubt that with an album title like that, the songwriting and powerful words aren’t going anywhere.

You wouldn’t think the aforementioned paragraph is true if you heard the lead single off the record. The Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins produced “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)” seems to fit right in with the mainstream top 40 charts and features a hook that is literally “The bigger the better, the bigger the better, the bigger the better, the better the bigger.” While it’s not exactly subpar to Furtado’s gloriously written discography, there are saving lines in which help to find a direction in the track that compliments it’s production.

Keeping in line with the empowerment and TLC-inspired anthems and themes, there’s a declaration of “I don’t wanna talk about sex, wanna express myself tonight. I can go fast, I can go slow, I can go places nobody else knows” which flows nicely with the seductive musings that have always been expressed through Nelly’s discography, and walked the thin line between overt and coy.

Toward the end of the track, the fast and slow lines come into play as a clever drum and bass breakdown comes into play. It’s a nice departure of sound for Jerkins as a producer and ultimately saves this song from succumbing to an unimaginative pop piece. Sadly enough, it seems that the radio edit of this song completely omits this part of the track, though we found that the album version of the lyric video has been put into place. Our fingers are crossed that Interscope knows what’s good for them and will promote the album version of the track.

The mixing? It’s loud. Anyone with ears can hear that and we don’t have a lossless version yet, so we’ll definitely mention this one in our review of the record.

In fact, the record is so loud that it sounds as if when the video was uploaded to YouTube, it sacrificed a lot of the high-end because of how much focus is directed at two things: The kick and Nelly Furtado’s voice.

The video? It’s one of Nelly’s more interesting ones. It’s no “Try” or “Say it Right,” but she’s never been the artist to put out huge, elaborate visuals with her music. They’ve always been simplified to allow musical compliments, but overall ensuring the music speaks for itself. It’s commendable and what we can say is there are a lot of tall people and big hoops in this video.

Purchase “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)” [iTunes]

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