Free Download: Garbage – Blood For Poppies

GarbageA new Garbage album entitled Not Your Kind Of People is slated for a May 15th, 2012 release on their own record label STUNVOLUME. It’s been seven long years since the grungy, electronic-alternative rock veterans’ last record Bleed Like Me and on March 15th we got our first taste of the band’s record with a 100% free 320kbps MP3 download of the song “Blood For Poppies”.

The melodies are abundant, the writing is still top notch, and in true Garbage progression: it’s a million ways different than anything they’ve done, but are still keeping in the true signature sound of the record. A funk-esque guitar line opens up the track and plays through the majority of the track, while a driving percussive beat (we love Butch Vig to death) mixes in real drum recording with multiple percussion loops and effects. There’s a nice, bass/Electronic bridge breakdown as well.

“I don’t know why they are calling on the radio, they know I’m here just out of sight,” Shirley Manson calls through the chorus and is no doubt a nod to the listeners for waiting for so long for this new material from herself and the band.

Record executives basically destroyed any chance of us ever hearing Shirley’s solo album by trying to pop her up to be in the same vein as colleague Gwen Stefani and when she turned down that road, they dared to market her as the next Anne Lennox. Shirley is Shirley, so when the executives told her the album she was working on was too dark, the record eventually fizzled out [Check out her Facebook post about the incident here].

We’re glad to have new music in any way, shape, or form from any members of this fantastic foursome. Their entire discography contains flawless execution of blending genres of all kinds within the rock and pop world and with the freedom to do what they’d like this time around, we’ve seen some more personality from the group with the release of hysterical/informative YouTube videos (including this coffee video, which we all feel like sometimes), Tweets, Facebook Updates, and of course, good honest music.

Download “Blood For Poppies” from Topspin by clicking here & stream the song below.

Pre-order Not Your Kind Of People Deluxe Edition [Amazon]

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