Moby’s “After” remix by Iamamiwhoami hits the internet!


While there’s been a two month lack of new material from Iamamiwhoami, it’d been stated that the artists had been commissioned to remix “After” off of influential electronic music veteran Moby’s latest album Destroyed. After much anticipation from the community of fans, the remix has finally hit the internet via Moby’s official YouTube and a slew of confusion on it’s release (but we’ll get to that later).

“After (Iamamiwhoami Remix)” continues in more front froward phase the act has been going into and gives the impression of more streamlined Electro melodies that are both original and borrow from the original Moby track. The original Moby stems used the remix are used creatively, as the main eighth note-synth that drives the album version of is present throughout Iamami’s remix, however, each note is panned semi-hard to a different channel in the mix to give it a more stereo presentation amongst the rest of the track, which mostly lays dead center in the mix to give it a more direct and dance feel.

For the most part, Iamami’s mix plays out like any remix meant for a major single project. It’s a track with several transitions that make it easy for a DJ to slip in a transition to loop or switch in different improvisations to their liking while providing a gorgeous soundscape for listeners of the song to enjoy. The best thing about the transitions provided within this remix however is that halfway through the track the original elements start to fade, a more emotional and simplified version of twists itself to life and before we know it, Jonna Lee is providing us with a vocal performance of the song, helping herself to commanding the vocal melody a bit differently, providing more of a staccato approach to the lyrics.

The only problem the remix suffers is extreme clipping on both Moby’s and Jonna’s vocals. It seems to be in part of the version of the song that was posted, but seeing as though the unwanted distortion only happens on the vocal portions of the song, it’s very possible this was a recording technique utilized for the remix. Regardless, we hope it wasn’t as it takes away from the rest of the track and we’ll see when the final version is released online.

In a sort of funny and ironic way Jonna Lee & co. are keeping us guessing with release dates even when it’s not their own project at hand. In an interesting way of releasing singles Moby decided to liberate the remixes in different packages over an extended period of time, so while the first set of mixes have been released in an exclusive bundle at Beatport, with another dropping on Monday, a November 14th release of more on, and a double A-side single “After/The Right Thing” digitally due out December 9th we are a bit confused on the official release and purchase of the Iamamiwhoami Remix, but please keep an eye out on this post and our Twitter where we’ll inform you as soon as it’s made available.

Edit: The remix was released exclusively on in conjunction with The Right Thing Remixes bundle. Click here to be taken to the page where you can download the songs in MP3, WAV, or AIFF formats. There are no accidental clipping on the vocals and was most likely put into place on the YouTube page due to their converters or as a purposelly creative way to stop listeners from pirating the song.

Remixes are also slowly making their way onto Moby’s Soundcloud page.

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