Jonna Lee Closes Down Official Website

Jonna LeeLooks like Sweden singer/songwriter Jonna Lee, better known these days as Electronic music pioneer and 2020k favorite Iamamiwhoami (aka Tree Licker, Toilet Paper Dancer, or “didn’t everyone think she was Christina Aguilera?”) has closed up shop on her official website.

The webpage, that once hosted musical samples, promotional photos, and a link to her Wikipedia page has now been replaced with the elegant and simple photo you see above, centered upon a black background.

Dressed warmly on a rocky beach, staring into the sea or the unknown with nothing on her but a bag seems like the perfect way to signify the end of an era. The end of the Alternative Pop/Rock tinged sounds that Jonna’s three absolutely flawless releases brought to us and a sense of bravery and confidence toward the future.

Although a different genre than the experimental Electronic act we’ve all become accustomed to, Jonna Lee’s previous releases are to be cherished as some of the most well put together and mixed releases in recent time, as well as noted for containing the lyrical honesty and hints of vocal phrasing that are still prominent on her releases today.

Check out some of the songs listed below this YouTube video, taken from the CD release of This Is Jonna Lee on the making of the record. A fantastic insight into the mind and work of Jonna and fantastic look at producer/fiance/possible Iamamiwhoami collaborator Claes Björklund collaborating on the recording process.

Human” (The Killers Cover) [iTunes]
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” (The Postal Service Cover)
Dried Out Eyes” (10 Pieces, 10 Bruises) [iTunes]
Something So Quiet” (This Is Jonna Lee) [iTunes]
Lake Chermain” (This is Jonna Lee) [iTunes]

(iTunes is currently inaccessible. Links to the tracks will be provided upon it’s arrival back online)

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