Listen: Massive Attack Vs Burial – Paradise Circus Remix

Massive Attack Vs Burial - Four WallsA few days ago we introduced you to the anticipated upcoming 1,000 copy limited edition vinyl release by Massive Attack & Burial entitled Four Walls/Paradise Circus and it’s “Four Walls” Track uploaded by the official Massive Attack Vs Burial YouTube account. A few days later and upon the rumored October 18th, 2011 release date of the project (which was unfortunately untrue as far as a digital release as no outlets seem to be featuring the product) we have YouTube user Mroilgizzle to thank, who ripped the remix of “Paradise Circus” from Mary Ann Hobbs’ XFM show and uploaded it to his account for our listening pleasure.

Unfortunately, radio signals carry extremely compressed audio out of their stations as a means to present a louder signal into the atmosphere to reach a further distance and wider audience, so the presentation of the song on Mary Ann’s show was already loud enough. Combine this with the encoder used to rip the song, then convert the song into an audio format. Add that with the conversions used to turn the audio track into a video file, then finally YouTube’s conversion process and you have the end result of the upload, which sounds…well, like a standard ripped track. All of the elements of the track are present, but the dynamic range and full potential of the track are squashed and as a result, 2020k will wait until a proper version of Four Walls/Paradise Circus is released to give the track it’s full review.

Or, you know, if you ordered the vinyl, 2020k will gladly accept gifts as opposed to logging onto Ebay and shoving out $247 USD for it (which is for what one just went for).

And while we can’t tell you an exact date for a digital release of this project (check our Twitter, we’ll be sure to update you), what we can do though is disclose that according to the comments on this YouTube video loads of people have had their orders cancelled due to The Vinyl Factory accidentally taking too many orders for this project. While we are blown away by this fact, it’s absolutely not surprising – both of the tracks on this vinyl are brilliant.

Listen for yourself.

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2 Responses to Listen: Massive Attack Vs Burial – Paradise Circus Remix

  1. It looks like this will never be released outside the vinyl. You can however download a lossless audio FLAC recording of the vinyl release on my Massive Attack blog –

    That is probably the best quality you can hope for. And you don’t have to put up Mary Anne Hobbs either, which is a big plus.

    Your other Massive Attack blog posts have been really well written. Keep it up!

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