Watch: Sade – Love is Found [Live from Soldier of Love tour]

After their 10 year hiatus from recording and touring, Sade is hitting the road on their 2011 Soldier of Love tour and after seeing their show on their stop at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA, I can assure you that it’s one show you don’t want to miss. Here, we see the band promoting the tour with a music video from a song in the setlist called “Love is Found,” which is off the album The Ultimate Collection (so they’re also smartly promoting the new record, a gorgeous 2 disc greatest hits album, which should be picked up).

In the video, you see pretty much what you see throughout the whole show. A very minimal, streamline, and modern looking stage set with the band spaced out, Sade walking amongst them, and a beautiful back-lit screen behind them, projecting out images from old Sade videos, or in this case, her silhouette dancing with another.

Musically? The musicianship is superior and as a result they closely recapture the sounds produced throughout their entire catalog of music, but most times better than what has been recorded in the studio (which cannot be said for acts touring more than 20 years into their career, or acts in general, really).

It’s pretty much impossible for me to review the tour because I’ll just keep saying the same words over and over again: gorgeous, beautiful, perfect, stunning, Sadeazing, amazing, etc. etc. I can tell you that there was one adorable moment after the opening song where the front woman modestly spoke about how she’s never been good at taking praise, but she’s getting used to it. Then, went into the second song and when finished, after the crowd was done roaring, she coyly muttered one word: “Woot.” An admirable stage moment for sure.

My favorite song of the night? It hasn’t been released professionally yet, but she sang her guts out of “Pearls” and the backdrop is beautiful. Check it below and GO SEE THIS SHOW. TICKETS ARE SURPRISINGLY AFFORDABLE!

Purchase tickets to the Soldier of Love tour [Ticketmaster]
Purchase Soldier of Love [iTunes]
Purchase The Ultimate Collection [iTunes]

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